Fees & Policy

Private Lessons

Please call us at 207-831–4195 or send us an email at apollon@1158forest.com for information on scheduling  private lessons.

We require monthly payment for private lessons on the first scheduled lesson of the month.  Regular attendance is extremely important for student progress.  We understand there are circumstances when a student is unable to attend a scheduled lesson.  We require at least 24 hours notice in order to reschedule the lesson.

Group lesson fees

The group lessons include a series of 10 classes meeting once per week. The cost is a total of $12.00 per class or $120.00 for the full session. We require a deposit of $60.00 to hold a place for your child when you sign up and the balance will be due at the start of the session.    A violin will be provided for the duration of the session.

Please contact us any time at 831 – 4195 or email us at apollon@1158forest.com.

Group lesson study policy

Students in the group lessons will be moving very quickly through the materials and it is important for students to practice outside of class. Missing class is not recommended, but understandably unavoidable due to illness or other urgent issues. If a student misses more than two classes, he or she will need to schedule a private make-up lesson to stay current with the group.

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